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It’s all about planning and strategy.

A good digital marketing strategy will target your ideal customer and build trust within. We review (current) consumer trends and insights to develop and revise goals so that they align with your goals. We don’t start anything until we know it makes sense for your company.

Click Five Media combines a mix of cross-channel strategies that will target your audience where they’re most likely to engage with your company. We monitor consumer behavior and develop goals to boost your company’s success by things like (but not limited to) increasing brand awareness, getting people to sign up for your eNewsletter, drive traffic to your website and/or get new likes on Facebook.

Digital marketing mediums include:

SEO (organic positions).

Maximize the number of qualified traffic to your website by having high organic search positions for relevant keywords.

SEM/PPC (search engine marketing).

Paid positing that pays off. We setup, manage and optimize campaigns for Google and Bing. We can setup others too.

Content marketing.

Content is king! Blogs, new web pages, visual content, videos, infographics, email, mobile and more are key.

Email marketing.

Your website and social platforms are ideal ways to gain new email subscribers. Your website is the landing page for every email.

Social media marketing.

We build a community of supporters for your brand and manage your online reputation. We can setup paid campaigns too.

Local business listings.

Make sure your customers can easily find your business through some of the most popular online directories.

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Customer engagement

At the core of digital marketing is a customer engagement strategy. Today, over 60% of the typical buying process takes place before the customer ever speaks to a business. The best way to reach and convert customers is to create conversations through great content; storytelling, humor, and interactive visuals are all great ways to accomplish this.

Data-driven marketing

Data-driven marketing allows you to better understand your target customers and engage with them in an authentic relationship. Analyzing data from your campaigns can help determine the effectiveness and ROI of your marketing programs by measuring their direct impact on lead generation, conversions to sales opportunities and ultimately revenue.

Digital advertising

Competing for the finite attention span of your customer is no easy task, that’s why quality digital advertising programs are a must. We’ll work with you to create results-driven campaigns for paid search, email, social media and more. Our expert team is meticulous about delivering great results. We are as dedicated to growing your business as you are!

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