Web Marketing

Your website isn’t a magic bullet.

Now that you have a website how are people going to find your website amongst the competition? If you were thinking your website would just miraculously appear in search results guess again. The goal of your website is to increase traffic, boost sales, support your marketing mix and maximize the reach of your brand right alongside your other goals. All Click Five Media websites are built with search engines in mind which is a great start to begin your custom web marketing program. Now we need to generate traffic by marketing your website by:

Being search engine friendly.

The best way to be found on the internet is be easy to be found easily through a variety of SEO tactics and ongoing research. The ongoing research allows us to make necessary changes to your website to maximize effective SEO as search engines and the way people search is always ever-evolving.


When it comes to optimization and design our work is literally never done. Now that we’ve created your website, we will continue to refine it, analyze it and test it to make sure you’re getting maximum conversion and engagement.

Call tracking.

Wouldn’t you like to know just how many people are calling from your website? We integrate click to call tracking so you can see just that, what page the person called from. Multiple phone numbers? No problem. We can track them all.

Incorporating email marketing.

The goal of every marketing email you send is to a landing page on your website which is exactly what we do here at CFM. Incorporating an email subscribe form to your website and social networks will help encourage visitors to subscribe to your emails as well.

Social networking.

There are lots of relevant conversations about your products and services on social networks. There are a lot of people searching for your business using social media platforms.

Local business listings.

Having local listings is imperative and ensures that your customers can easily find your business through some of the most popular online directories. We create or edit existing listings to make sure they have the appropriate information and then syndicate your marketing message with these directories.

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Content strategy

Content strategy is our number one priority when it comes to developing a website. The planning, development, and management of your site should always begin with a solid content strategy session. Great content drives the production of a user friendly web design that encourages genuine user engagement.

Web design and development

We work side-by-side with business owners like you to help execute your vision, turning rough ideas into beautiful websites that reflect your company culture. We also focus on the technical side, developing a website optimized for search engines, your customers needs, their abilities, and also their limitations.

Responsive design

With the rise of web-enabled devices like phones and tablets, you need to have a website that is accessible to your customers anywhere. Every website built by the CFM team uses responsive technology to do just that. We build websites that are not only gorgeous, they show up in search results and bring you business too!

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