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Plan, Research, Design, Develop, Test, Launch, Maintain…

Click Five Media utilizes a strict website development process that streamlines your website build from beginning to end. Each phase of this process is necessary as each step is necessary to complete before beginning the next phase. Most website development projects take between 6 and 12 weeks to complete. Website design and development projects may include e-commerce websites, responsive website development, responsive WordPress website development, website marketing and more.


The planning phase is a critical part of the development of your website as it marks the starting point. Here CFM will define site objectives, set a project timeline, target audiences, site functionality, digital marketing strategy and maintenance.


During our research phase, we focus on gathering relevant information that your customers are searching for, establish a set of keywords and terms, discover industry trends and research your competition.


The design phase allows us to set fonts, colors and logo usability. It lets us set brand guidelines for your company (if not already established) that way your brand is consistent across all marketing mediums. We’ll create all of the content here too.


We take all of the information from the phases above and begin to develop ad program a website that fits all of the criteria we discussed and initially agreed upon. Here we’ll incorporate SEO protocols and keywords.


At the testing phase, your website is basically complete and undergoing a variety of tests to ensure it runs smoothly. During this phase, we encourage you to analyze and evaluate your website: content, graphics, structure and every single piece.


Once we have your approval, your brand new website moves from our staging platform to our web host where all final changes through the development phase will be completed. Company email addresses will be created at this time as well.


Once your website launches, we then finish implementing our exclusive SEO checklist that is custom tailored to your business and industry. If you need small updates, major enhancements, a quick fix, a new page or something else, we’ll be here to make them.

website development process

Your website will never be complete.

Technology is ever changing. We utilize the newest technologies to keep your website running fast and smooth while staying secured. We can discuss options to market your website or if you’re just looking for small changes, major improvements or page additions, Click Five Media is always ready to discuss your needs.

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Content strategy is our number one priority when it comes to developing a website. The planning, development, and management of your site should always begin with a solid content strategy session. Great content drives the production of a user friendly web design that encourages genuine user engagement.

Web design and development

We work side-by-side with business owners like you to help execute your vision, turning rough ideas into beautiful websites that reflect your company culture. We also focus on the technical side, developing a website optimized for search engines, your customers needs, their abilities, and also their limitations.

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